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On Friday, May 18, Track and Field Day, the 7th and 8th grades will be eating lunch with the lower grades as usual.  After lunch, we will be doing some fun team-building activities with the 7th and 8th grades only.  If you have another student in grades K5-6th, then he or she will still be competing in the Track and Field events.  
Date:  4/20
Mrs. House
History 5-6: Mapping MN WS.
Science 5-6: WS.
History 7: 22.1.
History 8: Test Monday.


Mr. Jackson
Grammar 5: P. 275 and first 1/2 of P. 276 (in class); HW=finish p. 276
Grammar 6: P. 242 (in class); HW=Pp. 243-244 
Grammar 7: Unit 11 Test
Grammar 8: Unit 18 Test
Lang. Arts 5-6: Sx3, Vx2 (M-W); Rosa: none
Lang. Arts 7: Sx3, Vx2 (M-W); Of People: "Run, Boy, Run!" Quiz (in class)
Lang. Arts 8: Sx3, Vx2 (M-W); Magician's Nephew Essay: Rough draft due Th.; Final draft due Fri.

Mrs. Ogren
Math 5:  Lesson 126
Math 6: Lesson 141
PreAlgebra: chapter review- test on Friday
Bible 7:  Lesson 58
Bible 6:  Lesson 30, verse: I Cor 15:51-52
Bible 5:  Lesson 30 verse:  I Cor. 15:51-52
Bible 8:  I John 1:9

Mrs. Wetterlund
 Algebra 1:
     HW = none
     IXL = EE 1-2, 4-5 and 7
     Chapter 11B Test - TBA
Earth Science 8th:
     HW = 9B SR #1-7 and 10-13 (page 201)
     Chapter 9 Test - TBA
Life Science 7th:
     HW = 14A SR #1-5 (page 306)
     Chapter 14 Test - TBA