Summer Resources

Math Facts:

I highly recommend this website.  It targets the facts your child is having the most difficulty with and works at their level.  You can create a new account for them for the summer, or they can log in with the account they used over the school year.  Email me if you would like their login information.

Lots and lots of games to choose from on this website!

Abcya also has many multiplication and division games in their 4th Grade, Numbers category.

List of more math games for 4th Grade

Fun non-screen ideas for math fact review!

Free printable math games

Spelling Review: has all our spelling lists for your child to review.  


Typing Practice:

Your child can access to continue practicing their keyboarding skills. E-mail me if they have forgotten their log-in information. 



The Brainerd Public Library typically has a fun little reading program that offers some incentives for your child to keep reading.  I’m not sure what their plans are for this summer with COVID restrictions, but hopefully they will be offering something.  


Screen time incentives:

If you google "Before screen time checklist," you will find lots of ideas and checklists for ways to encourage your child to be active before playing on a screen.   


Be encouraging your child to READ READ READ and practice their math facts over the summer so that they don't lose those skills for 5th grade. 


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