3rd Grade at LRCS is a GREAT place to be!! 

 We had a wonderful week! We studied the changing states of matter.  We melted ice in our mouths, saw condensation appear on a glass of ice water, and are measuring/watching rubbing alcohol evaporate from a glass cup.  We measured water with mL and L containers and used a balance with g and Kg to measure mass!!

Wednesday: language test

End of quarter is Oct. 26              Report cards go home Tuesday, Oct. 30.

Parent-Teacher conferences: Thursday, Nov. 1 3:30-7.  Please sign up on sycamore.

Friday: Spelling test 8 and Bible Quiz and verse: Matthew 5:7-12 (see attachment) No hot lunch, milk or microwaves are available Friday, Oct. 26. Bring a complete cold lunch. 

Flash cards:  Your child should practice 2, 3, 5 and 9's on Monday and Tuesdays with an adult. We have some great games to play once they memorize their facts!!

Book-it:  Your child should read 360 minutes a month to receive a free pizza.  Any child who reads 360 minutes all 6 months of Book-it will get to come to a Taco Bell party with Mrs. Imdieke in April!!

Tanya Imdieke