April 2018




Dear Parents,


Hopefully this month the weather will warm up so we can spend some much needed time outside. The kids will be excited to be on the playground again after a long winter of being inside.


This month we will be talking about the sea and the pond. We will be singing some new songs such as “Little White Duck” which you will probably be hearing your child sing around the house. Our new letters, Ss and Tt, could stand for interesting animals that live in the pond such as snakes and turtles.


We will also be talking about our five senses. We'll do some taste tests and smelling different things. Trying to guess the food is always exciting. Playing fun games will help us use our sense of feeling and hearing.


Our new Bible verse is Psalm 145:9, “The Lord is good to all.” In numbers we will be counting to 30 and learning the concept of the numbers 13 and 14.


We have been working on songs for our Patriotic program. You will receive more information about that.


Dates to remember:

18th-Spring Picture Day-optional

May 4th-11:00 Our spring Patriotic program

Let me know if you have any questions.



Mrs. Anderson